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5 Tools for Raising an Empathetic Child

doan vo

2. Breastfeed, Babywear& Co-Sleep

Such controversial topics in the media at the moment! I’m not here to bombard you with do’s and don’ts, should’s and shouldn’ts. Instead, I encourage you to mother from the heart and do what comes instinctively. For me, I learnt to follow my child’s cue, doing what I felt made my little one happy. Joy is contagious, and when he was cheerful, so

was I!

How do these lifestyle choices create empathy? A mother and babe are so close during these first formative months (even years), and naturally our child learns from watching and absorbing how we respond to our emotions and feelings - our emotional intelligence. These practices help to maintain

such a close physical and energetic bond. And it’s this bond that strengthens our ability to comprehend, understand, and acknowledge the feelings of others. Empathy, in turn, creates self-esteem, harmony and trust - both within ourselves and our society.