Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 20

What are you up to at the moment? When will your new book come out and what is it about?

I am still running my workshops. I am very excited that I will be speaking in the Findhorn Community in Scotland “Healthy Birth- Healthy Earth!” It’s a very powerful title for a conference. I believe that we can give birth to a new humanity, a new kind of society by changing the way we give birth to our children. Prenatal and perinatal psychology is a doorway through which we can most powerfully give birth to a new society. I think it’s ok to say that out loud now. It’s no longer idealistic or sentimental ,it’s an urgency.

I am about halfway through writing a new book. It's a manual to our inner child journey. I want to show people how they can use this journey to heal from their childhood. It’s quite simple. What is my child triggering up for me, how do I make that conscious and how do I give myself the fulfillment I was missing in my childhood? (Fulfilment of this inner child wish that I have been carrying around with me all my life?)

How can we fulfil that wish? Can you give us some insight on how to not pass on things like that to our children?

If I go back to my childhood and look at what really made a difference, it would not be things that my parents did but what they felt. There are things that my parents have said to me only once, but stuck with me because it was about the feeling they had. They were true and honest and open. These are the sort of qualities that will influence your child.

Be true and honest to yourself and to your child. Heal yourself! The best way to not pass on emotional trauma is to have all your needs met. When your heart is full and you trust, what flows from you is naturally very nurturing for your child.

Don’t make your child be the reason for your worries. Balance your worries. You can embrace being worried - it shows compassion but you also need to stop worrying at times. Be in balance. Go out and dance and have fun, give yourself a break from worrying. Trust is hard to come by. You know, believe or hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you’ll make it there, but there is also the doubt that you won’t. That might not go away as there are a lot of terrible things happening in this world and sometimes we feel we just cant't trust ...But there is always love and new beginnings. Even at war, people still make love and create new life. This isn’t trust or any other nameable feeling, it’s the unnamable impetus for loving and living.

It’s what parents feel that comes out way more than anything parents say or do.