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The Robin Grille interview that moved me to tears - Incredible insight on how to foster emotional well being within and for our children.

On the 20/05/2016 I had the pleasure of connecting with Robin Grille the author of Parenting for a Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting. Having a background in early childhood studies, I believe his books should be read by anyone interacting with children who want a deeper understanding on child development. I felt incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to make a connection with him. Robin Grille is intelligent and honest, and it was a joy to interview him, listen to his beliefs and learn from his knowledge about emotional intelligence, struggles modern parents encounter and how your childhood experiences affect how you parent today - Mama Sandra

Mama Sandra:

What is emotional intelligence and how can we foster it from a young age?

I think emotional intelligence is almost the same as saying social intelligence. The way that we express emotions and the way that we read each other's emotions is how we connect.

We don’t connect to each other on a level of information. We feel a sense of closeness, loyalty and empathy with each other via the authentic and appropriate communication of emotion. It’s a two way street. 90% of communication is our body language. Emotions are our body language. Fundamentally emotional intelligence is something we continue to develop (hopefully) for the

IMAGE CREDIT: Ingrid Pullen

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IMAGE CREDIT: Kelly Jordan

IMAGE CREDIT: Kelly Jordan