Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 118

of this natural process.

Having said that...anything is possible. If we were only to focus on our past experiences we would never allow ourselves to experience something new. Birthing is such a normal yet profoundly powerful part of our journey as women and mothers on this earth. Let's take a moment to fully acknowledge the healing power of a woman’s body when it comes to the process of birth!

Our bodies are not broken after a Caesarean; our amazing bio-logical computer is self healing. It will reset and remember its own synergetic process the next time. However, if we believe we are broken, or in some way incapable of birthing naturally, we limit our capacity to change.

Women who choose to embark on an ENBAC need to possess great courage and a liberal amount of discernment!

Third Level of Support - Sisterhood

Please find other ENBAC women - who have courageously travelled the path through the field of doubts and fear-mongering that exists within our media and society at large. As an ENBAC woman, prepare to have your conviction tested. But these special sisters of support, will serve as mirrors - reflecting courage, strength and love for you while you navigate through the months

Humanity needs ENBAC women - to restore harmony and balance for the survival of our species. Let us not have repeat cesareans induced by fear and mis-information. We are the power to change the course of Birth on our planet!

It’s our birth, right?

Sonya Wildgrace

leading up to birth.

As friends, sisters, aunties and grandmothers of ENBAC women, it is important for you to believe in the natural process of birth. Playing the role of a supportive sisterhood circle, it’s your responsibility to accept and embrace your ENBAC mother. She needs you to honour her position, and to hold the knowing that her body is a formidable, incredible temple. And just like the sisters before her, she can bring forth her baby the way that our ancestors have done for thousands of years.