Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 116

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After a Caesarean) is a medical term used for a pregnant woman who has experienced a previous caesarean and would subsequently like to try for a natural labour & birth.

For the purposes of this article, we will affectionately refer to it as an ENBAC…and Empowered Natural Birth After a Caesarean!


Generally speaking, the ‘how’ a woman gives birth is her own choice - home birth, birthing centre or hospital (depending on what is available within her community). Yet if this woman has previously had a caesarean, her choices can become compromised The medical system takes several things into consideration, including the surgical intervention that took place, any complications that may have incurred during or after surgery and the recovery period, and the current pregnancy health record.

This is not always the case by any means. I, myself, am an ENBAC woman, and I want to share my thoughts on how you can prepare for a smooth ENBAC outcome. The purpose of this article is to support and empower YOU, to have the birth you desire.

As I see it, an ENBAC requires three levels of support and commitment.

First Level of Support - Partnership

Beyond your own commitment to your baby and your dream birth, it is ideal to have the full commitment from your partner to travel this journey together - through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

If you and your partner were together during your previous birth, consider discussing it with each other. It’s helpful to share (heart to heart) how it affected each of you. You may even want to take this process to the next level and seek out a professional counsellor to help you explore any deep seated fears - old and new - around this experience. These feelings can easily be cast aside in order to cope during the postpartum period, never being fully delt with. Let’s keep in mind that we cannot assume that we know what another