Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 112



Mama Songbird

The Sharing Caring Song


In a cafe the other day, it started with one of those “Did you know...?” statements. Whether it was based on the latest research, or simply someone's facebook post, I'll never know, but it struck my interest, as it's a hot topic for myself and my other-mother friends with almost 2 year olds.

It was about sharing.

When they were little they held things, often by mama's suggestion with googly eyes, a dribbling, gaping mouth and a weak grip. As they grew a little older, the grip grew a little stronger, and they could hold objects with a certain decisiveness.

I remember the pride and love I felt, when observing the first 'sharing' of these objects at around age one, with other babies. These gorgeous little beings would take something in their hand, observe it with keen interest, pass it to the other one, who would observe it and pass it back. It was common to hear in those days, mamas saying... “Oh look how good they are at sharing, they've been passing that toy back and forth between them for over 10mins!”.