Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 110

Did you know that playing music to your baby has tremendous benefit. Babies prefer music that mimics their mother’s heartbeat at 60 beats per minute (bpm). Classical music is good for this, but if that’s not your thing, you can find playlists on Spotify and Youtube with 60bpm songs.

Sunshine Belly Time

You may think that you can’t communicate with your baby through the sense of sight. But actually you can. Your baby responds to light and dark and the sun is a natural and healthful for mama and bub to soak up its benefits.. Who knows , you might even get a little 'belly sun dance'.

Combine the senses for stronger connection.

When you consciously and mindfully use those different senses to bond, then you can start combining them for an even stronger connection. For example, if you’re going to communicate with your baby using your flashlight, why not sing to your baby at the same time or play a “peek-a-boo” game. Similarly, you can tell your baby what foods you are eating or sing a silly song about it (if you are having your second or third child, you’ll probably have a few silly food songs up your sleeve). You may even wish to combine with a belly rub too.

All of these different combinations send a strong signal to your baby as to how welcome and loved she or he is in your life and is already a part of your family.

But it also has the benefit of preparing you as a mother. It helps you connect with your child, build your relationship with them and enhance your heart opening. It brings out your nurturing and caregiving skills.

Connecting in with your baby during pregnancy is truly a magical and intimate experience, and the benefits are far reaching. Give it a try and let us know which combination of senses give you and your baby the most pleasure.

Soothing Sounds

Your womb is rich with sound – the beating of your heart, the rhythmic swooshing of the placenta and the gurgling of your stomach. All of these sounds provide comfort for your baby.

One sound your baby gets to know very well is your voice. Your baby listens to your voice all day long and it reaches them in a stronger form than outside noises. When you talk directly to your baby it establishes your presence and communicates your love and caring. Of course this is equally true for your partner, children and other family members.

Maybe it feels strange to talk to your child, so here are some other ideas:

* Read stories to your child – studies show that babies will recognise stories that have repeatedly heard in the womb.

* Tell your baby stories about your day.

* Describe to your baby how excited to meet them you are, welcoming them into your life.

* Sing songs to your baby!