Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 106

How do you balance motherhood and making art?

I’ve learned to stop waiting. I felt like I was always waiting until they went to bed or until they were grown, to make plans and get stuff done. I realized that I was neglecting myself and my art by waiting and began including them in the journey. My children go to the studio with me as well as gallery openings. We even collaborate and do art shows together. They will be grown soon enough and then they will be involved in their own activities so I enjoy involving them in my life as much as possible and teach them what I can while they’re still willing to listen.

Biggest challenge as a #motherartist?

Scheduling is always a challenge. I have to take Sophie’s school schedule into consideration as well as my husband’s work schedule. Illness is difficult as well. No matter how organized and good at planning you are, you are no match for a stomach virus. You have to be flexible, realize that there is only so much you are in control of and your babies need you when they need you.

Most awesome thing about being a #motherartist?

Being able to share what I do with my kids. They love making art with their mommy and Sophie is always so proud to tell her friends that her mom is an artist. Being a mother is fulfilling and doing what I love is fulfilling. Let’s just say my cup is full and running over.

What does Christina do for pure joy? How do you fill your cup?

I love thrift store shopping and lose all track of time hunting for treasures to bring home and proudly display. I also love books and own thousands, mostly because I’m terrible at returning library books.


I am a fulltime artist living and working in the Midwest. I was born in Indianapolis but grew up in a military family that moved every three years. This granted me the opportunity to live in Panama, Oklahoma, California, Las Vegas and then full circle back to Indiana. In 2012, I graduated from Herron School of Art and Design with a degree in painting. I am also a mother to two beautiful children.

Christina Hollering