Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 103

Christina Hollering


Artist's Statement

My work is inspired by the science fiction genre and how it is derived from the natural world. The more we explore and examine every inch of our planet, the more alien it begins to feel. Mutation, chemical warfare in plants and insects, life at a microscopic level, deep sea creatures, organisms that thrive in hostile environments -- these are all topics that I investigate by creating intricately cut layers of neon forms and placing them against black backgrounds which, like beacons of of light, draws the viewer in, cultivating a desire to question and explore the world around them, beginning with their own backyards.

Artwork Description

Entomologist In Training

Cut Paper


This was a special collaboration with my 8yr old daughter Sophie. She drew the heart and I used it as a template and cut it out of paper adding butterfly wings to complete the image. It’s based on all of the moths and butterflies we’ve raised throughout the years.

Lymantria Dispar

Paper and Mylar


This piece is part of a caterpillar series I did while I was pregnant with Escher. Looking back it is interesting to see connection between the caterpillars I was making curled up in their cocoons waiting to emerge and the baby that was curled up in my belly also waiting to emerge.


Acrylic, Mylar and Paper


In the image you can see a creature gathering and preparing a “nest”. Interestingly, this piece was created during a time when my husband and I were thinking about getting pregnant.

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