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not other kids) make assumptions on our children’s preferences according to their sex, I challenge them. How else can we change the current inequalities in the workplace (in terms of pay, career paths and progressions)? We, families, need to start demanding for change and be the change ourselves. That means take equal responsibility for childcare and domestic tasks. Women are being held small by how they are portrayed in media, society and treated by our ruling bodies and men are pushed into roles they don’t wish to fulfil.

If my boys decide to become fathers one day they will hopefully not be as clueless as I was about parenting. Hopefully they will be better informed about how to go through life’s challenges and come out stronger than before.. And, if my daughter one day becomes a mum, she will simply expect her partner to be an equal parent right from the beginning – going this journey together.


Torsten Klaus is an Author, Parenting Coach, Baby Massage Teacher and father to three children. He runs the internet platform www.dadstalkcommunity.org and you can connect with him on www.facebook.com/DadsTalk or www.twitter.com/EmpathicFathers

His international amazon bestseller ”The Empathic Father” is available on amazon.com

IMAGE CREDIT: Talitha Walterfang