Wildcat Nation Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 8

Wildcat Nation

We are Wildcat Nation! What is Wildcat Nation? Wildcat Nation is a family, a family of Wildcats from Palestine, Texas. Wildcat Nation is a way of thinking, an attitude of success, a state of heart and mind. Wildcat Nation is more than a mindset; it’s a way of life. It’s a belief in yourself that you can and will rise to your fullest potential. It’s an attitude of success and growth. It’s a set of values that comes from years of hard work and dedication. Wildcat Nation is a community of Wildcats and all the elements that make us who we are.

We are Wildcat Nation! Our campus leaders set the stage in Wildcat Nation, expecting much, and much is delivered. With a foundation of support, PHS Wildcats experience education the way it’s meant to be. Our campus leaders provide a safe and orderly school environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. It’s a staff of dedicated professionals paving the academic path for Wildcats to thrive.

We are Wildcat Nation! A Nation of Wildcats dedicated to the idea that strong bodies contribute to sound minds. It’s a philosophy of athletics that instills Wildcat ideals to each of our competitors. Our athletes know from the start that teamwork, dedication, perseverance, cooperation, and fair play are all elements of success. These are the elements of a Wildcat athlete. We offer a wide range of programs that provide each student athlete the opportunity to prepare themselves to be all that they can be.

We are Wildcat Nation! It’s a nation of artists, musicians, singers, actors, painters, sculptors, designers, and dancers. The arts are where thoughts run deep and passion is fueled. The Wildcats who participate in these activities develops their talents in unique ways. Our arts programs provide a vibrant array of venues for the Wildcat. Our programs provide the soundtrack, the vibe, and the heart of the strong and proud nation. This land among the nation is where uniqueness abides and creativity thrives. Many of our students look forward to careers in these activities and plan to continue on to feed their passions. The Arts Land within the Wildcat Nation is more than a jump into the void; it’s a jump into a dream. It’s a home away from home. Our Wildcat artists couldn’t be more proud than to be a part of the fine arts in the Wildcat Nation.

Pick a field, any field. Wildcat Nation’s Career and Technology has the preparation for you. Whether you’re trying to secure employment in the medical sector, in business or in agriculture, in technology or cosmetology, whether you’re trying to work in food service or law enforcement, graphic design or A/V production, Wildcat Nation’s Career and Technology programs are at the forefront of the educational community. We prepare students with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete, to be marketable, and to be employable. We’re using state of the art, industry standard technology to prepare our Wildcats to be on the cutting edge of their careers. Their exposure in Wildcat Nation’s CTE programs secure a position in a 21st Century Global Workforce.

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