Wildcat Nation Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 31

Teachers have set up a framework to build a strong foundation of learning in the area of science. This foundation includes:

Observation – students are able to:

*Gather information using their five senses.

*Know what body part is used to gather specific sensory information.

*Describe their observations; I see, I hear, I can smell….

*Identify, with help, the shape, texture, hardness. etc. of an object.

*Relate what they have learned to other areas of learning.

Collecting – students are able to:

*Collect information by counting objects, taking part in surveys, measuring, and doing simple


*Use the words never, sometimes, and always to describe the chance of things happening.

*Ask questions about the information they have gathered (data).

*Compare data using measurement terms – bigger, smaller.

*Draw a picture of their data using one-to-one correspondence.

Communicating – students are able to:

*Talk about their observations using new vocabulary.

*Work with others by sharing, listening, and encouraging.

*With help, show their information in a realistic and organized way.

*With help, show their information in different ways with pictures, graphs, with some math

and writing.

*Share ideas about why the thing they observed happened.

*Ask “I wonder how” or “I wonder why” questions.