Wildcat Nation Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 26

If you arrive at Southside Elementary in the early morning hours before staff and students get here to start their day, you will find Mr. Charles Hall busy at work. Mr. Hall has worked for PISD since 1973 on the janitorial staff and as a crossing guard. He is dedicated to keeping our building in tip top shape, both inside and out, every single day of school and most of the summer. Kelton Mitchell and Makayla Barrett, students in Ms. Camp’s third-grade class, had the opportunity to interview Mr. Hall about his job. When asked about how long he had been working for PISD he said, “It is going on 43 years that I’ve been here. I started at the old Reagan school and came to Southside after that.” The students asked about his previous jobs, and he told them about being in the United States Army and serving during the Vietnam War as an Army Grunt. Makayla asked, “What is your favorite part of your job?” Mr. Hall’s reply was no surprise, “I love seeing the children every day. They make my job worth it all. My own children and grandchildren live out of state so the boys and girls at Southside are like my grandchildren.” Kelton asked what part of his job he liked the least, and Mr. Hall told them that getting up early was not his favorite. He told the children that he gets up at 4:00 a.m. each morning so he can get to work early and be prepared for the day. They asked Mr. Hall about his hobbies outside of work he simply said, “Sports, I love sports.” Kelton said, “So what sports do you watch?” Their faces lit up when he shared that he not only watched sports, but was still actively involved in them. He shared that the kids in his neighborhood love to play basketball and throw the football so he does that with them often. He plays on a softball team of what he called, “older players” and enjoys riding his 10-speed bike every day. This would surely explain how fit and in shape Mr. Hall is! Makayla asked, “What would you tell boys and girls about doing their jobs at school and in the future when they grow up?" He replied, “Always do your best, no matter what, do your best at everything you do.” This advice is very fitting from a fine gentleman who definitely does his best to take care of Southside every day. Mr. Hall is a Southside Treasure and loved by all that know him. We want to say, "Thank you, Mr. Hall, for making Southside shine!”

A Southside Treasure

Interview by Kelton Mitchell and Makayla Barrett