Wildcat Nation Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 17

The future is ahead of you and in order to survive the real world you will need money. Getting started early managing your money is a great thing to do while planning for your future. Later in life you will need to buy a house, car, and pay bills. To get started on your financial plan there are several options available to people even as young as high school students. Start by opening a checking and savings account. If nothing else, get a jar and save any loose change you earn, collect or find. But, don’t abuse the savings account by spending all the money! That is the reason why it’s called a savings account! Only spend your savings for important matters, for example, real emergencies (illness, family disaster). Save money now to insure your financial future and opportunities (college, higher education, opening your own business).

Ways you can make money now. Sell your skills. Evaluate yourself and discover skills that you are really good at. These skills could possibly earn you enough money for saving and a little spending. For instance, if you are great at crafting things, and your friends are always asking where you got something you made, this might be the opportunity to turn your skills into cash. People that are not crafty are happy to spend a little money for something no one else has. Are you pretty smart and make good grades? Be a tutor! Many parents are happy to spend a small amount of money to get help for their struggling student. Many upper elementary students struggle in school. As a teenager, your knowledge and a little bit of help could make a tremendous difference in a young person’s life. Do you like animals? Are you mature and responsible enough to handle the care, feeding, and protection of someone’s pet? You could save a neighbor a lot of money if you take care of their pet instead of them boarding their pet. Be aware! This is a very important job.

These are just a few examples of how we as young citizens can start on our road of financial security NOW! Stop and reflect, there really is something you do well enough that another person would be happy to spend a little change on.

Financial Tips Every Teen Should Know

"Getting started early managing your money is a great thing to do while planning for your future."

By Hannah Glenn