Wildcat Nation Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 15


Palestine High School offers a variety of courses and activities, but one activity stands apart from the rest, the robotics team. Robotic technology is the wave of the future and coach Joseph Baker leads this group of Wildcat robotics and engineering students. He teaches them the necessary skills they need to be successful in the "real world" field of engineering and robotic technology. In addition to their claswork, the students are able to apply themselves in competions. The students learn programming, design, and robotic construction in class, then they are able to put into practice their knowledge and skills.

This year’s competition theme is “Starstruck.” The teams will have to get as many points as they can by launching “stars” with their robot over a fence to the other team's side. The idea of the game sounds simple, but because of this simplicity it will provide a great challenge for the opposing teams and require this year's group of students to come up with some ingenious ideas to secure the points needed and claim their victories.

The Palestine High School robotic program students already have accomplished many spectacular feats. In 2015-2016, the robotics team of Grace Butler, Ryan Jenkins, and Wesley Henderson were able to participate in many semifinal competitions throughout Texas and even qualified for the US VEX robotics National Championship in Councils Bluff, Iowa.

For 2016-2017, Palestines Robotics will feature two teams from Palestine Junior High to compete in the Middle School Division of VEX Robotics. The goal is to reach past last year's expectations. This year’s high school team will seek to improve on their skills and make it all the way to the World Championship in Kentucky. This group of students is very unique.

The robotics program requires many hours of dedication, challenging work on the robots for competition, and student pursuit of excellence. Palestine students are always looking for ways to improve their robots and themselves.

By Jesus Adame & Jack Hallock

Robotics Accomplishments:

2013, 14, 15- SkillsUSA Texas District 5 Robotics Championship

2013, 14, 15- SkillsUSA Texas State Qualifies Mobile Robotics

2015, 16- Skyrise, Nothing But Net VEX Robotics Champion, Killen, TX

2015, 16- South Texas Regional VEX Robotics Qualifiers

2014, 15- North Texas Regional VEX Robotics Qualifiers