Wildcat Nation Vol 2 Issue 1 - Page 18

Every day, digital media becomes more important as a means for receiving, producing, sharing, and broadcasting information. Tools and resources that were once the exclusive property of a few are now available to many people. Tomorrow’s publishers, marketing people, and community leaders will need to know how to use digital media to persuade others and tell new and effective stories. Knowledge of the rules and grammar of movie production, broadcasting, and media presentation is a new powerful literacy.

These past few weeks, classes have been familiarizing themselves with the program iMovie. With the use of iPad’s and iMac’s, students work in groups to brainstorm ideas for their projects. Their first project was the production of a commercial of their choice. Their choices ranged from a new basketball shoe to a car commercial. Now that they have accomplished the 15 second commercial project, they will be focusing more on writing scripts, camera angles, audio, and acting. Their next project will be a short film in which they will focus more on sharpening their techniques and acting. Mr. Escobedo is extremely excited to be with this group of students because they show great potential to be editors, videographers, actors, and producers.

This curriculum will enable students to be more in touch with the technological world of film and develop them to be the future professionals of our society.




Advanced Computer Class