Wildcat Nation Vol 2 Issue 1 - Page 16

•Don’t be obnoxious when on the phone with someone else.

•When speaking on the phone with someone, do not speak loudly and disrupt other those trying to do activities or have conversations near you. Make sure to speak at a respectable volume when on the phone and use proper manners when speaking to those on the other end of the line.

•Do not be on the phone when in an important meeting or class.

• When in an important meeting or a class, do not be on the phone. Keep distractions to a minimum in order to maximize the learning experience for yourself and others.

•Avoid texting or calling if it could disrupt the meeting or physical conversations.

•Answering a call or text when being spoken to by someone or taking a call when preoccupied is considered rude. Proper etiquette is to silence the phone or ignore the text, waiting until the conversation or activity is over before replying.

•If using the phone is a must, keep the ringer turned down, or on silent, so as not to disturb others.

•Having a loud or obnoxious ringtone or notification sound go off when in public is sometimes embarrassing and rude, depending on the situation. To avoid this, simply turn the volume down or silence the phone when in public or class.

•Private information can be forwarded, so do not send it.

•Important information is leaked often in this day and age, and it could happen to anyone. Private information is best kept off of social media and messaging to avoid getting it out or spread without consent.

In this generation, families are connected more than ever through cellphones and social media. What used to take hours or even days to receive, now takes only a few seconds, or minutes at the most. Connecting to one another is quick, simple, and very distracting. Today’s youth do not understand how to connect physically with one another. Due to the lack of face-to-face communication, they lack the necessary social skills to communicate in person. One way to combat this is to teach proper cellphone etiquette to this generation as young people so they develop these social skills early on.

Cell Phone Etiquette

By Katie Johnson