Wildcat Nation Vol 2 Issue 1 - Page 12

Thirty Year Career

For the year 2017, Palestine High School's Kathleen Brown has been named Region Seven's Secondary Teacher of the Year. While traveling to Myrtle Beach, Brown came to the news via phone. The call made a relaxing vacation all the more enjoyable. In addition to being named Teacher of the Year for Region Seven, she was also to be considered for the title of Texas State Teacher of the Year.

To become Teacher of the Year for a region, a dedicated instructor must first be deemed Teacher of the Year in their independent school district. Each school

Makes Teacher of the Year

district's Teacher of the Year competes for the position of Teacher of the Year for their region. Afterward, each region's Teacher of the Year fights for the ultimate title: Texas State Teacher of the Year. In addition to recognition, each title earns the teacher a credible reputation and prestige.

For thirty years, Brown has enjoyed the pleasure of teaching AP Chemistry at Palestine High School, where she plans to teach for two years more. It is not certain to Brown if she will emerge victorious over other teachers of opposing regions, but the honor of her current standing has left her with joy.

By Emma Ham