Wildcat Nation Vol 2 Issue 1 - Page 10

At Palestine High School, students are just beginning to experience a new program called Cat Connections. Cat Connections is a 1-hour period during the day when students can go to a club, organization, or tutorials before lunch, or vice versa. Cat Connections offers various clubs and organizations students can get involved in and explore their interests. In addition, Cat Connections is also an opportunity for students who want to work on homework, catch up on assignments, or get help with a certain subject to go to tutorials during the day instead of staying after school. In the video below, Dr. Stewart explains more about Cat Connections.

By Veronica George


Cat Connections

“My favorite part is going to get tutorial assistance for my classes but really I like to take 2 lunches and rake Dr. Stewart's yard.”- Luis Arredondo

As mentioned before, Cat Connections offers a variety of clubs and organizations. Here is a list of some classes students went to:

Student Council


Foodie Club

Arts and Crafts

Creative Writing


Of course, there are plenty more clubs and organizations to check out if you are interested. Down below is a list of all of the Cat Connections clubs and organizations.