Wildcat Connection May 2018 - Page 8

hree Wildcat District businesses competed against 44 state high school businesses this month in the Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge (KEC), which is sponsored by the Kansas Masonic Foundation and Kansas Masons in partnership with Kansas State University and the Network Kansas Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Series. It is designed to promote entrepreneurship and small business development in Kansas. The competition is for student created, managed, and owned ventures.

“Oh Rats!” is the first Wildcat District business who competed at the state level. Ivy Gatton from Labette County High school started off with Elizabeth and Dwight, her first two rats. She began increasing her stock for the pet demand as well as demand for feeders. This business is founded on the principal of helping those affected by natural disasters, contributing to the important work of wildlife rehabilitation facilities, and of course funding her college education.

“Out of the Woods” is the second Wildcat District business who competed at the state level. Brooklyn Woodworth, Ian Shelite and Matyson Vail from Parsons High School designs and creates personalized pieces made out of recycled pallets that won’t go out of style. Each piece can be customized to fit the customers’ needs.

“Yummo!” is the third Wildcat District business who competed at the state level. Anna Meir and Eric Spencer from Cherryvale Middle school/High School wanted to have a sweet treat in their school that fit into the food guidelines for the school. They partnered with Hiland to bring sherbet push pops to their school for a low calorie but sweet treat.

None of our teams came away with the win, but they are a part of a group of entrepreneurs that represent the most forward thinking youth from around the state. They took a chance on themselves, an idea, a concept and shared it with others. Participating at the state level gives them the edge and experience to go out and do great things. I am very proud of their interviews and presentations. The knowledge gained from this experience will only benefit them in the confidence to take a leap and come out on top.