Wildcat Connection May 2018 - Page 3

Ginger Fairbanks has been a dedicated 4-H volunteer for many years, 31 to be exact. Ginger began her journey as a volunteer when she became a leader for Lucky Horseshoe when her son Shaun joined. She not only volunteered as a 4-H club leader but also volunteered to serve on the Wilson County Extension board and then volunteered to serve on the Wildcat board when Wilson County joined the District in 2017.

Ginger first volunteered with square dancing and as a community club leader, then she found her true calling… dogs. Ginger has been the county dog leader for at least 20 years. Shaun was very accomplished in showmanship and obedience and Ginger took her experience to the next level and began teaching any 4-H member that wanted to learn how to show dogs. The dog project in the county has grown tremendously in that time - from one when Shaun was a member to as many as 20 kids. She is now teaching all levels: Agility, Rally Obedience, Showmanship and Obedience. Through the years she has had several members that have been finalist in showmanship at state fair. This year she has several new 4-H members and has opened up her classes to all kids in the district.

Ginger, we truly appreciate your time and dedication to the youth in our communities!