Wildcat Connection May 2018 - Page 28

pril showers typically bring May flowers, but April has been cold and not very wet. In 4-H, April has proven to be a busy month with several new activities.

The big event in April was Earth Day on April 24. This event is hosted by six local Farm Bureaus for fourth grade students across the six counties. Wow! What a great event. I had sent 4-H members before to present, but had never attended myself. I was pleased to be asked to present at the event. The focus on pollinators is one in which I have taken an interest; therefore, when organizers asked if I could organize a session on habitats for pollinators, butterflies in particular, I said yes. There were 868 fourth grade students from six counties who attended the event. With only 10 minutes per session, I couldn’t go into great detail; however, I did have a couple of teachers ask about coming to their classroom to talk some more and maybe do some other things with their classes. It was one of the rare warm days this month, but I had a great time and look forward to doing it again.

I also conducted the first YQCA meeting here in the district. YQCA stands for Youth for the Quality Care of Animals. It is the new quality assurance program for youth. This year kids showing swine at the state level are required to take the course; and it is believed that next year all species of livestock will be required to have the training. At some point down the line rabbits and poultry could be included. This is a great program and we had seven kids at this initial training. There is the opportunity for many more to be trained in the coming year.

I have also met with the Fredonia Elementary Chapter of Kids Saving the Earth. They are working on a garden project at the school, so they asked me to come and we talked about soil testing and took a test. I go back later this week to explain the results and talk about fertilizer. I did a soils program for the kindergarten students in Fredonia in cooperation with the Wilson County Conservation District.

Julie and I filled in for the Ag Agents on KGGF and I really enjoyed it. I t has been a while since I was on the radio. We are getting camp registrations in and finished all the planning for camp at Greenbush. I will be taking nine 4-H members to discovery days at the end of May. I am pleased that we have at least one from every county attending.

With all that has taken place in April without the showers, I look forward to what blooms in May!