Wildcat Connection May 2018 - Page 27

ollaboration has a major theme for my position this April! Montgomery County 4-H Council held a special meeting to vote on the by-law changes for the Montgomery County 4-H Foundation to become a district-wide foundation. Montgomery County 4-H Council voted to approve the by-law changes and we look forward to future collaboration with the other counties in our district. I meet with the Montgomery County Commissioners early in April to thank them for their yearly appropriation to the fair and to discuss possible collaboration opportunities. That same week I was able to meet with the Coffeyville Chamber of Commerce. The Coffeyville Chamber has been hosting our annual 4-H banquet for a very long time. We met to discuss ways to grow our annual banquet celebration and other community events that 4-H can become involved in.

I was able to attend some exciting events this month! The first one was an interview with one of our 4-H families applying to host a 4-H exchange youth from Japan! They were accepted and will be hosting during the month of July for three weeks. I also attended Ag Day at Girard Public Library and talked over 500 grade school youth about insects and the important roles they play in agriculture. Earth Day was held in Parsons for over 800 youth in late April and I was a group leader to escort youth to the different areas. Events like these are great opportunities to expose our local youth to agriculture and nature. I’m glad that I am able to be part of this learning process!

Outside of all these events, 4-H agents are hard a work coordinating fair judges and planning for 4-H camp! There is still time for youth to sign up for Sunny Hills, Cedar Bluff, or Greenbush 4-H camps! If you know a youth that is interested please have them reach out to their local agent for more information. We’d love to take them to camp with us!


Katie Townsend

4-H Youth Development