Wildcat Connection February 2019 - Page 26

Katie Townsend

4-H Youth Development


anuary has been full of new opportunities for Montgomery County 4-H! With the addition of the new Fair Entry system, I have been working to learn as much as possible and get exhibit classes established before our next fair board meeting. I’m excited to show off the program’s capabilities, which will allow our fair to grow in new ways! 4-H Council had an extremely productive bimonthly meeting in January involving local camp options. I will be putting together a survey to look into new camp options locally and bouncing ideas off an active group of high school counselors. The newest opportunity was a foods meeting where youth baked cookies for the annual Montgomery County Conservation meeting.

Taylor Piper is a new addition in the Montgomery County office. She is a high school student at Independence High School who works with us a few hours a day as part of an intern program designed to give youth a look at career options. We are excited to have Taylor! So far she has helped with camp planning, getting cuttings and propagating new plants, and writing new articles about 4-H. Taylor will also be assisting with school enrichment programs in Coffeyville and Independence at the end of the month.

I was able to promote the Wildcat Education Foundation, 4-H, our school enrichment activities, and other district events on the radio January 16, 2019. 4-H agents also attended area record book screening this month. Record books are a way for youth to keep track of their 4-H and non-4-H experiences, awards, and project financials throughout the year. A big congratulations to Dane DeTar of Peppy Progressive 4-H Club and Dexter Small of Sycamore Sunflowers 4-H Club for their record books being selected to go on to state judging! Dane’s book was in the performing arts division and Dexter’s was in the beef division.