Wildcat Connection February 2019 - Page 20

lanning ahead is very important for successful programs! Preparing for winter activities like KAP Screening, 4-H Club Days, Summer Camps, and even the Fair! This type of preparation creates opportunity to provide new and exciting for youth. After school programs began this month. I have been working with Meadowview Elementary school to provide STEM programming. Youth have the opportunity to learn about rocketry and towers. Rocketry is not only one of the many projects in 4-H but it is also a fun and exciting way to learn. Youth get to create their own rockets while learning about measurement, angles, math, and much more. Using paper and tape youth are required to create a tower that will be measured in height and stability. This has proven to be a great team building activity that also provides lots of opportunity to learn. It has been great to see youth working together, using their imagination, and learning all at the same time!

The future is very exciting! I will be partnering with Gear Up to bring them STEM programming at Block 22 in Pittsburg. Gear Up is a program through Wichita State University that assist adolescent youth in the foster care system to prepare for college. Learning with STEM programs will increase their knowledge of all the amazing opportunities for their future.

Something new this year in the Wildcat district will be the use of FairEntry system. FairEntry is a system that is designed to improve overall flow and efficiency of the fair. The use of this system will mainstream a variety of areas such as class entry (at county and state level), tracking livestock information, and even the livestock sale. The system in integrated with 4-H Online which makes it easy for families to access their information and keep organized. The use of this system district wide will not only create more time but also resources for greater more impactful programs. I was able to provide demonstrations in both Girard and Altamont to help fair boards better understand the benefits of utilizing such great software.