Wildcat Connection August 2017 - Page 4

stay strong stay healthy level 2

makes big impact in participants' lives


ow many of you can do a 45 second plank? How many of you can do a 45 second plank and are 76 years old?

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Level 2 had amazing results in Wildcat Extension District. The first session concluded in July with many exciting personal results for the twelve participants; including a 76-year-old participant working up to completing a 45-second plank. If you have never tried a plank, I suggest you get in push-up position and hold it for 45 seconds.

Level 1 and Level 2 Stay Strong, Stay Healthy are 8-week strength training programs for older adults. They are designed to increase aging adults’ access to a safe, structured, and effective strength-training program. At each session a prescribed set of upper and lower body strengthening exercises are done. Participants are made to feel comfortable regardless of their current fitness level so they can safely participate and gradually build the strength beneficial to health.

Level 2 is a new program offering in Wildcat Extension District and is to be completed only after successful completion of Level 1. The first participants have graduated and seen amazing results. Check out the following videos we will be sharing on Facebook to promote our next Stay Strong, Stay Healthy classes and hear directly from our participants!