Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 63

Q – What are your biggest pike and musky to date?

A - My biggest pike is 42-inches and I also got a 41-3/4-inch fish in a tournament and both were caught in Lake Nipissing. For muskies, my biggest is 51-inches and I’ve caught three at that size.

When you get and land a huge fish - pike or musky - promote catch-photo-release. Let them go and let them grow. There are taxidermists who can do replicas and you can’t tell the difference from a real fish. All you need is a picture and length.

Catching big fish is hard to do some days, but when you get one there’s no feeling like it. I call it a natural high. I still get winded and my knees start to shake. There is nothing like it.

Tight Lines and have a safe and fun summer fishing.