Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 62

Q For the novice starting out, what are some key things to focus on for big summer fish?

A - For someone just starting, keep it simple for pike and musky. Look for the weed beds and find the

outside edge work and you should do fine. Remember that you can work the Black Fly spinner baits

through the weeds and the Rapala jerk baits on the weed edge. For musky, same with the weeds with spinners and the sledge. Look for points and humps, and work them and you will do well.

Q – Rod, reel and line. What is your ideal set up for chasing these fish in summer?

A – The gear for pike I would suggest is a seven-foot rod with heavy action with a 200 series bait caster spooled with 50-pound braided line. For musky, I suggest an eight-foot with heavy action rod and a 300 series bait casting reel spooled with 80-pound braided line. It is important if you’re fishing for fish that have razor sharp teeth, so make sure you use a steel leader or a good quality fluorocarbon leader.