Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 54

Carol-Anne grew up fishing with her father. She had her own deep-rooted passion for angling. It made it an easy transition for Carol-Anne and Jamie when they met and married. In the early years, the Robinson clan spent their holidays and spare time fishing and going on outdoor adventures, all four seasons. The kids were doing outdoors stuff such as ice fishing and moose hunting with their parents and family members days after being born.

This family has always been close and Robinson is the driving force behind it thanks to his genuine character as a father and husband and person.

“Each member of our family is a spoke in the wheel of balance,” Carol-Anne said. “Jamie is our level headed, reasonable one. Jamie has a kind heart and is an excellent, caring, reliable husband, father and family man. From chores with horses, to getting up early to get one of the kids to a school event departure, to household chores, to hockey dad, he gives his time endlessly to whatever needs to be done, to keep all of us moving forward smoothly.”

There is no denying Robinson and his wife have made a lasting impact on their children.

When Brett was seven, he joined dad on the fishing tour and helped him win a few events over the years. The decade’s worth of lessons on the boat and on the water from a father intensely passionate about fishing have been a positive for Brett, giving him a veteran angler’s sense already.