Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 50

Producing the first episode of Just Hunt featuring good friends Chris Mink, Captain Tony DeGasperis and special guest, singer, songwriter, Ty Baynton was a barrel of laughs, a test of patience, and use of skills. We started the morning with fishing for salmon on Georgian Bay and ended the day with a turkey hunt in the Grey Bruce area. It was definitely a good call for exciting television. No matter the weather, we were out there doing the best we could with what we knew in the situation that called for it. Chris with his mad calling skills using a combination of Primo mouth calls and slate and box calls was able to locate and get those gobblers interested in paying us a visit, which ended up in a nice Tom taken by me and my Hatsan at the end of the last day of shooting - talk about waiting until the last minute! We had two days to shoot a full episode but nonetheless we filled it with fun and action.

Tony, captain of Action Fishing Charters, shone through with his guidance on the water in active weather and calm waters, keeping conversation flowing about the gear, tackle and fishing information we needed to land some decent salmon. Ty and I were both able to hook onto some fantastic fish during this filming and enjoyed a fresh fish and turkey dinner. How many of us can say we can do that? My cameraman was incredible at keeping up and capturing the best of the action for you to watch on WILD TV in 2019. Patrice Halley was passionate about filming the perfect shots and angles while not complaining about the hunt, the fish, weather, water or any obstacles that may have gotten in his way. When you have the perfect cameraman to work with it makes the job that much more enjoyable. This summer and fall are quickly approaching and so are the adventures, and as always, stay tuned for the most exciting year so far in the outdoors. Whether you are a novice or an intermediate, the outdoors is the best place to play and education is everything to keep our heritage moving forward.

Amanda Lynn Mayhew TV Host, Just Hunt Official Ambassador of the Toronto Sportsmen's Show www.justhunt.ca | www.amandalynnmayhew.com