Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 46


The number of metres the common loon can dive down to. The bird can also stay under water for more than three minutes chasing fish and scouting hunting grounds. The loon has a lot of bones which are hollow and webbed feet to help in the bird’s diving ability and underwater agility.


The number, in millimetres, of the common loon’s beak. Adult loons can reach weights between 2-kilograms to more than 7-kg. They also measure up to a full metre in length from tip of bill to feet. Females and males look the same in the species.


The number, in kilometres-per-hour, a common loon can travel at during flight and migration. It has a relatively small wingspan in comparison to its body. Due to numerous solid bones in its body, the loon requires plenty of time and space to achieve flight. It may take several hundred metres to get into the air.

HEADLINE: Northern Numbers and facts


nd HEADLINE: The call of the loon

Northern Numbers and facts

The call of the loon