Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 43

Mississagi Provincial Park

This park has six trails to suit the needs of almost any casual hiker. First and foremost is the MacKenzie Trail. This is a 22-km hike rated as strenuous and can take between three and five days to complete. The Helenbar Lookout Trail is seven-km and rated as moderate. It is sure to be a hit as the trail provides spots of spectacular views and brings hikers to a white sand beach on Semiwite Lake. The JimChrist Trail (11-km) and Cobre Lake Trail (11-km) provide opportunities to eat up two days of hiking fun.

Esker Lakes Provincial Park

This park is a bit of sleeper when it comes to hiking trails, but it takes a backseat to few as it features an interesting three-loop trail sure to be rewarding for any hiker. The Trapper’s Trail serves up three routes – a nine-km option, a 14-km option and a 20-km option. It is rated as difficult. There is still a trapper’s cabin located on the trail on Gourlay Lake. It was built by an Ojibway woman who trapped in the areas in the 70s. This trail winds through almost every stretch of the park including the remote northern section by Thrasher Lake. There are three other trails to check out.