Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2018 - Page 35

Enneson did backcountry canoe trips as a teenager. These trips in northern Ontario served as a motivator for Enneson. She earned a wildlife biology degree from the University of Guelph and then completed her masters in biology at Laurentian University. She was first working for the MNRF in the Aurora District in 2008, and then worked for Ontario Parks in the northeast zone for two years before settling in with the Sudbury District MNRF in 2013.

“I was always been interested in biology and wildlife,” she said. “The wildlife, landscapes and the feeling of being outdoors in northern Ontario on those canoe trips inspired me to pursue a career like this. I feel really lucky to be involved in fish and wildlife management in the North.”

As a management biologist, Enneson is counted on to provide a lot of expertise to the field. Her days are filled with work that is not only tough, but extremely varied in many different areas. Aside from day-to-day office work, Enneson is relied on to provide population surveys on bear and moose, local fisheries assessments, identifying fish and wildlife species at risk for protection during forestry operations, contribute to forestry management planning and review numerous project proposals involving all aspects of the outdoors, among other things.

‘It’s a busy job,” Enneson said.