Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 57


This park is world-renowned for its sights and rich history. One of the most popular trails is The Crack. This 6-km hike brings you to the top of the Killarney Ridge and offers a stunning view of the land. Be ready to work to get to the top. The La Cloche Silhouette Trail is an 80-km loop and is rated as strenuous. The west section of this trail is moderate, heading to Acid and Lumsden lakes over forested hills. It crosses small streams and rivers, occasionally following the rocky shores of small lakes. The east section of this trail heads uphill to the Crack, a ridge with a vista of rugged and scenic landscapes. Considered strenuous, this section passes through forests and wetlands and over rocky ridges. It takes 12 hours of steady hiking and you must climb over large boulders to reach the top of the ridge. Do not try to reach the Crack unless you are in good shape and can get an early start.

Lake Superior

This park is a paddler’s paradise, but also great for hikers. The Coastal Trail serves up 65-km of highly demanding hiking, but also memorable experiences. The most challenging and demanding trail in the park, the Coastal Trail takes you along the high cliffs and rocky beaches of Lake Superior. The trail extends from Agawa Bay to Chalfant Cove. The trail ascends and descends over cliffs and rocky outcrops and crosses beaches of boulders and driftwood. Use extreme caution when hiking this difficult terrain. The rocks can be very slippery, especially when wet with dew, fog or rain.

Blue, diamond-shaped symbols mark where the trail enters forested areas. Rock cairns mark exposed sections. Generally, the trail hugs the coastline. If you lose the trail, continue along the shore and eventually you will find the trail again. Gargantua Road is the main access point for the Coastal Trail.

Sleeping Giant

The park has more than 100-km of trails for both day and overnight hikes. These trails can lead you along the rugged shores of Lake Superior, past towering cliffs to scenic vistas on top of the Giant, or to quiet lakes and streams deep within the park’s wilderness areas. There are 19 trails, ranging from the 0.5-km Plantain Lane Trail to the strenuous 40-km Kabeyun Trail. The sheer number of options makes this park ideal for discovering by foot.

Lake Superior