Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 30

Chill it up

Go cheap or go all the way? Like a lot of outdoors products, there are pros and cons to buying expensive gear and cheap gear. If keeping food and drinks cold is important at your camp or campsite, then the Pelican Elite series of coolers is your product. They are not cheap, but they are made to last and there in lies their awesomeness.

The Elite series comes in sizes

from 20-quarts to 250-quarts.

They keep ice up to 10 days and

feature two-solid inches of

insulation, locking latches,

freezer-grade seal, rugged

handles and wide wheels

and a lifetime guarantee.

“Is it worth the money? Yes,”

Boeswald said. “Cheap coolers last

a few years and are done. A Pelican

cooler will last. Having good gear

when outdoors makes a difference.”

The Homestead Domey 3 tent from North Face is aimed at getting more people outdoors and enjoying the bush, bugs and a beer or two. The tents feature unique and vibrant colour

schemes and patterns including an orange

heat map print and spruce trees pattern.

They are a three-person, waterproof

single-wall dome tent with three doors,

mesh skylight for gazing at the

stars on dry nights, fly and

Sudstake, which works as a bottle

opener and tent stake. The tent

checks in at under eight pounds.

“It’s a neat visual design and aimed at

the next generation of campers, but works for

any camper” Boeswald said.

Stake it up