Wild Northerner Magazine Summer 2017 - Page 23

on jigs down the river bottom on the bend side by others we knew who were out there. It didn’t work for us.

We changed it up. We went to the bottom bouncers and, most importantly, we switched to the other side of the river where no one else was fishing.

We made our first pass and came across a 10-foot hump in 25-feet of water. We hit a double header of two nice walleyes that both surpassed the 20-inch mark. Every pass, we picked up another fish. We had our limit in no time.

This summer, take it easy and try a few mornings of slow trolling for walleye. It’s also deadly on pike, bass and catfish. The morning bite is one to not miss.

The morning bite is one to not miss.

Arielle Hall

Sales Representative