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Sharing outdoors heritage priceless

The season of ice fishing is just ending and what an incredible adventure it has been. Nothing reminds me of Northern Ontario (Manitouwadge) winters like some classic ice fishing. Many things have changed but the feeling is still the same, the adrenaline of pulling that fish through the ice, the smell of freshness in the air.

I remember heading out with my dad to a small chunk of water with the old sleds, setting up a lean-to out of tree branches, starting a small fire, and drilling some holes. Holes were marked by branches, there were no huts and we used a sled to zip around the lake while waiting for the fish to bite. My childhood friend, Todd, and I joined our dads on this journey more than once. As we grew older and had our own kids, we shared in our heritage but added a bit more fun to the equation by bringing sleighs and taking turns pulling each other around the lake, building snowmen, having snowball fights, and snowshoe races.

Back in those days, you had a snowmobile and a sleigh if you were lucky, sometimes just snowshoes; nowadays there are so many options to get you where you need to go: ATV's, snowmobiles, ARGO'S, and SideXSide's. My grandfather would be in heaven!

Nowadays there are so many things to make fishing “easier” and adaptable to any area, weather or situation. This winter, I had the opportunity to get out there and try the new UForce 800 SideXSide with tracks pulling the ROSKI Trailer on skis. In one shot we transported all of our equipment across the water (3.5-kilometres) with ease and set up for the day. The winds were high so we shacked up in a Frabill hut and had a successful day broken up by fighting who was going to drive the UForce.

Introducing a person to any outdoors sport is an adventure that makes you appreciate the experience even more. Normally if my children aren't with me (they are all grown up now) I try to take someone who doesn't always have the opportunity to explore what our province has to offer. Michael from Maxxim Powersports joined us on one outing and his face lit up when he caught his first fish. I think I may have been more excited than he was and that made the whole day just worth it. It definitely described 'it's about the experience'.

I love seeing all the social media posts about getting outdoors, but what catches my eye is the unique way it is captured on camera or film; and of course, women participating and doing it all on their own from scouting, catching, cleaning and cooking, that is an independent and strong message.

My favorite way to prepare fresh perch is to fry it up in grape seed oil just the way it is, no spices or any additional ingredients.


An adventure in the making, a memory forever, and a story to share.





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