Wild Northerner Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 62

Koprash loves fishing bass. It is the clear winner on his list of top species to fish for by a long shot.

“There are so many different ways to catch them,” he said. “You have to find them and they force you to think and adapt. It’s a good challenge, good fight and good reward all the time.”

Koprash’s passion for fishing knows few bounds, if any. He has done fly-in trips, remote destinations by hiking and portaging or ATV, driven all through the night and slept in his truck to fish.

“I’ll sit in freezing temperatures to fish,” Koprash said. “The last week of November 2016, two friends and I drove all night from North Bay to Picton through a whiteout snowstorm to fish walleye in the Bay of Quinte. We hit the water at 7:30 a.m. and fished until 5:30 p.m. in horrible weather. We froze our asses off. We got blanked. The next day, we got up and got fish, including 28.5-inch and 29-inch walleyes. It was awesome.”

Koprash likes to brush up against his limits to get out and catch fish. Weather conditions or exhausting drives and hikes mean little to him. Koprash always has his focus on the real rewards of fishing.

“It’s worth going fishing every time and every second of it when you get that fight on the end of the rod,” he said. “If I haven’t done it yet in fishing, I’m sure I will do it.”