Wild Northerner Magazine Spring 2017 - Page 48

Q - What is your favourite thing you have created?

A - I’m pleased to have created a lot of personal favourites when it comes to my paintings and illustrations. Some of my personal favourites come from my early acrylic works (2006-2009). They essentially pinpoint a shift in the subject matter of my work from the dark and mundane to the bright and outlandish.

Q - Have other people supported or inspired you?

A - My friends, family and loved ones have been huge supporters of my craft over the years. I have also generated a large fan base from the various shows I have exhibited at, and I have worked with many talented individuals on a number of projects. I’m constantly finding myself inspired by others interpretations, abilities or techniques. I enjoy making something new. But I truly get excited to make something new with others.

You can meet up with Gillard at the Northern Ontario Expo that will be taking place in Timmins on May 6-7. He will also be directing a mural project with the Louis Street Community Association this coming spring.

Online you can find his work at: :www.wallacergillard.com , connect with him on facebook at www.facebook.com/art.wrg/, on youtube: Wallace R. Gillard, or on Instagram @wrg.gallery.