Wild Northerner Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 46

By now, most of you know that fall is absolutely my favourite season. The weather is sunny and crisp, and the activities are endless. I’ll admit that I also like the transition back to a more scheduled existence!

The Lumberjack and I spend most of our summer weekends travelling in all directions, visiting friends and catching up with family. As much as we love our extended network, it gets a bit busy, and a bit tiring by Labour Day weekend. Early on, we decided to officially declare Thanksgiving as our “home holiday”. It would be the one long weekend every year that we wouldn’t hit the road. Instead, we’d try our hand at creating some of our own traditions. Almost eight Thanksgivings later, I’m happy to say that we’ve had great adventures, feasts, and memories with friends that are now as close as family.

One tradition that we’ve carried forward from both of our moms is transforming the leftover Thanksgiving turkey into a turkey soup. Hearty, delicious, and soul soothing, fresh turkey soup is something that I look forward to year after year. This recipe is so versatile; from the vegetables to the spices, the sky is the limit. I know you’ll be able to customize it and make it your very own.


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