Wild Northerner Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 29

My Silver 20 is the three-inch chamber model. This gun delivers on accuracy and stopping power for upland birds. It gives you grace when firing at birds in dense cover and provides more range to get birds in the distance. I use Winchester Super X 2-3/4-inch, five-shot ammunition. Having three shots can be handy in a tight spot if you flush a flock of birds and they burst from cover in a variety of ways and directions. There is also little to no recoil. I don’t even notice it. I put the bead just above the grouse’s head and pull the trigger. I can say without a doubt I’ve probably had three or four birds with any pellets in the breast meat.


This shotgun has been with me more than 50 times in the past few years for bird hunts. I wouldn’t even think of ever using another gun. I bring a .22 from time-to-time, but I never bring it out. I always reach for my Silver 20. The operation of this shotgun is smooth and effortless. I have experienced zero issues with it so far. Disassembly and reassembly for cleaning is a snap as this is still a meat and potatoes gun at heart even with the modern technology associated with it.


For me, this gun has been the perfect match. I have increased my bird count since picking it up. It’s not cheap. These shotguns retail for about $1,200. They are worth every nickel in my opinion. The Silver Hunter is a beautiful gun as well. It has a classy and rugged look. Being a 20-gauge, the gun also gives some versatility to hunt bigger game thanks to having the power to fire rifled slugs. That is always a bonus. It is a fun gun to shoot. I have taken birds through some nasty brush and cover thanks to the power of the gun and the shells I use. It makes for some exciting times in the bush when you’re tracking a flushed bird. I would seriously give this shotgun a long look if I was a hunter looking for a new upland bird gun.