Wild Northerner Magazine 2015/16 Winter Issue - Page 34

“He was an awesome man and generous, always wanting to help, funny and full of life,” she said. “He was my fishing partner at many derbies. I spent many nights sleeping under the stars while we waited for a moose to come out. Believe me, the memories we made I will always cherish. For anyone who knew my dad they know that everywhere we went there was always an adventure, which for me made it even more special.”

Chicoine is making sure her two daughters, Abiguel and Eloise, grow up the same way she did. There is no better way. The family gets out as much as possible for hikes, fishing and other fun stuff in the bush.

“I get so excited, the kids feel it when we leave for an adventure or a weekend of camping,” she said. “I want to share with my kids the same passion and knowledge my parents shared with my brother and I as kids. We were fortunate to live in a small town and were able to drive our snow machines to school, and fish and hunt in our back yards. I spent many hours building forts and collecting bugs and bringing home all different creatures, and many weekends camping and sitting around a bonfire. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Why wouldn’t I want to give my kids the option to appreciate what I did growing up? I know it was an important part of our lives and I know my parents would be proud to watch their grandchildren enjoy the outdoors and know that we treasure what they taught us. I want to pass that on to the next generation.”

Chicoine doesn’t need her arm twisted to go fishing or hunting - these are her favourite things to do outdoors. Chicoine has plenty of “wow” moments in life as well as her career. It could be bagging a few grouse with her daughters on a sunny autumn Sunday, or reeling in a big walleye with good friends.

“I enjoy all seasons and the extreme weather conditions and the bugs don’t stop me from enjoying the beautiful scenery we have here around Wawa,” she said. “I could never fish and hunt enough. Whether I actually catch any fish or harvest any animals is irrelevant to me. I enjoy being out there and trying. When I do catch a big one, it’s a bonus. I like the company, the ambiance and the memories it creates. That’s worth more than anything in the world. It doesn't matter how I do, so long as I’m with great people and enjoying all that nature has to offer.”