WI Rapids Rafters Program - Page 65


Answer the following Trivia Questions. The first letter of the each correct answer will spell a phrase. If you discover the correct phrase and tell AF Motors Fan Services attendant you will get a PRIZE!

1. The Rafters had 52 of these last season.

2. Charlie Ruegger and Trayson Kubo are tied for the most of these this season.

3. The number of Rafters that go to school at Stephen F. Austin?

4. The Name of the Rafter who is from Waipahu, Hawaii?

5. An act of a fielder misplacing a ball in a manner that allows a batter or baserunner to advance one or more bases.

6. The last name of the Rafter pitcher who has the least hits given up so far this season.

7. The baseball term for the act of a fielder who choses to get the out on a base runner instead of getting the batter out at first base.

8. First Base, Second Base, Short Stop and Third Base are all considered what?

9. The name of the Rafter that’s mascot is a Cardinal Bird. (Louisville.

10. The Rafters _____ to the Battle Creek Bombers in the game before the Summer Collegiate World Series last season.

11. The name of the 2018 Rafter whose hometown in in a different country.