Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Research Report 2012 - Page 78

77 10. When you have been approached for assistance in relation to family violence, how well informed was the person seeking assistance about: a. Family violence generally? (e.g. recognition of what constitutes family violence and whether what they are experiencing constitutes family violence) b. Support services available to them? c. Their legal rights in relation to family violence? 11. Do you feel comfortable in your role as someone who is called upon to give advice/assistance about family violence and to people experiencing family violence? 12. How confident are you about giving assistance or advice in relation to: a. Family violence generally (e.g. what constitutes family violence?) b. Family violence support services? c. Legal rights in relation to family violence? 13. Is there anything that you need to enable you to feel confident offering assistance/advice in relation to family violence? 14. I n your experience, is there a greater or lesser demand for your services from CALD communities when compared with the general population? 15. Have you ever attended any formal training in relation to family violence? a. If yes, please describe the training you attended? b. Would you say that it was beneficial? c. If yes, whey was it beneficial? d. If no, why wasn’t it beneficial? 16. In your opinion, is there anything that your community needs to assist them in relation to family violence?