Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Research Report 2012 - Page 62

61 School based programs aimed at preventing violence and promoting respectful relationships are noted as having the strongest evidence base for effectiveness of all primary prevention strategies (VicHealth, 2006 p.18, Flood & Fergus, 2008). VicHealth’s evaluation of effective and promising bystander models for primary prevention includes a number of models that have been implemented 68 in schools and universities both in Australia and internationally that employ both peer mentoring and education and social marketing components (Powell, Dr.A, 2011). Reflecting on what makes these programs effective, the literature identifies an emerging consensus on ‘good practice’ in this area which can be distilled into five principles for delivering the most effective programs which are: ? ? ? ? ? 68 a whole-school approach; a program framework a ???X?][????]\?H[?]X?[??[Y]?????[?\??[?[??[?[??H[?H[?H??[??N?Y??X?]?H?\??X?[[H[]?\?N??[]?[? [??\?]?H[??[\?[H?[??]]?H?X?X?N?[??]?[X][? ??? ][  ? K ???B???^X[\??][?]?[?[????[H???X??\?H????? ?T?H ]\??[XJKY[???[??[?[??H?]?[?[? T?K???[?\???\???\[??XZ?\ T?B??