Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Research Report 2012 - Page 25

24 As a preliminary question the women were asked about their understanding of the term ‘family violence.’ The majority of women demonstrated an understanding that ‘family violence’ encompasses a range of behaviours and is not confined to physical abuse. However, despite this, four of the women did not identify what they had experienced as ‘family violence’, particularly if they had experienced verbal, financial and emotional abuse. One woman said that whilst she would consider verbal and emotional abuse to be ‘damaging and hurtful’ she would not consider it to be ‘family violence.’ Another woman who had been subjected to violence over a number of years, including one incident in which she sustained a broken bone, did not think that she had experienced ‘family violence’ because the violence was mainly confined to verbal and emotional abuse and the incidences of physical violence were isolated. Perpetrators of family violence The women were not asked directly who had perpetrated the violence but this was generally disclosed over the course of the interview. Family violence was most often perpetrated by a partner or ex-partner although it was not necessarily confined to intimate partner relationships. Two of the women who experienced family violence at the hands of their husbands also experienced family violence at the hands of their husband’s extended family and this was not confined to male relatives but also included mothers and sisters in law. Two women also experienced family violence at the hands of their own family, in these instances perpetrated by their brothers. First Point of Disclosure The women were asked who they first spoke to about the family violence they were experiencing. ? ? ? ? ? Half of the women first disclosed their experience of family violence to relatives either in Australia or overseas; One woman made a disclosure of family violence to a dietician who she had been referred to by her GP when she presented for weakness and exhaustion; One woman first disclosed family violence to the Arabic speaking settlement support worker at WCC; One woman first disclosed family violence to Victoria Police Two women made disclosures to religious leaders (one woman after first confiding in her sister); The majority of women who disclosed family violence to a family member reporte ???????????????)????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????!?????????????????????????????????????????M???????????????)?????????????????????????????????????%?????????????????????????e????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????((