Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Research Report 2012 - Page 21

20 METHODOLOGY During the implementation phase of the scoping exercise the following activities were completed: Needs Analysis Summarising and documenting key issues, challenges and barriers demonstrating a need for action to address family violence within Whittlesea’s CALD communities Service Mapping Mapping existing family violence services in the City of Whittlesea or that cater for those in the City of Whittlesea and identifying gaps in service provision Consultation and Community Engagement Stakeholder consultation tapping into community member’s experience of family violence, reflecting on its impacts and identifying approaches that work well and those that don’t. Research and Literature Review Charting existing and past approaches and models based on local, national and international experiences. Project Leader A part-time Project Leader (3 days per week) was funded to implement and manage the project and take responsibility for achieving project outcomes. The Project Leader was seconded from Whittlesea Community Connections (WCC). Day-to-day supervision of the project leader was provided by the CEO of Whittlesea Community Connections with the Project Leader reporting back to the CALD cluster group and providing updates on a monthly basis. The WCC Arabic Speaking Settlement Support Worker also provided in-kind support to the project, in particular in facilitating and assisting with community engagement activities. Support was also provided by the Settlement Team Leader and the Whittlesea Community Connections Youth Worker in facilitating and conducting a group consultation with young people. Whittlesea Community Futures CALD Cluster Group The WCF CALD Cluster had overall responsibility for steering the Whittlesea Family Violence Project. The collective knowledge and expertise of the WCF CALD Cluster was utilised to ensure appropriate oversight and guidance of the scoping exercise. In particular, the Project Leader was able to utilise the knowledge and expertise of specific members of the WCF CALD Cluster outside of CALD Cluster meetings where necessary.