Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Research Report 2012 - Page 11

10 Prevention of Family Violence: Early Intervention in the Settlement Process ? The model will address the pressures and stressors that newly arrived migrants and refugees often experience during the settlement process which may impact negatively on the ability of individuals and families to maintain equal and respectful relationships. This will be achieved through early intervention in the settlement process and in increasing the professional capacity of service providers to respond to the needs of those in the early stages of settlement. Preventing Family Violence: Programs Targeting Young People ? Prevention programs aimed at young people have a sound evidence base for being effective in countering violence supportive attitudes and norms and building awareness of respectful and equitable relationships. Such programs also have the potential to impact on future attitudes and behaviours and the development of healthy intimate relationships. The model will support the piloting of a ‘whole of school’ approach to promoting respectful and equitable relationships at a school in the City of Whittlesea with the intention of future transferability to other schools and non-school settings. Reducing Recidivism: Increasing Access to Behaviour Change Programs ? Men’s behaviour change programs aim to increase the safety of women and children by addressing the causes of men’s violent offending and requiring perpetrators to take responsibility for their behaviour. The model will increase access to men’s behaviour change programs by CALD men through the development of language/culturally specific men’s behaviour change programs.