Whittlesea CALD Communities Family Violence Research Report 2012 - Page 7

Empowering CALD women Objective: The model will facilitate increased access to support groups by CALD women as a means to enabling women to access services and increase their confidence to seek and obtain support. Key achievements in 2014 o o $20,025 in grants delivered to 6 women’s support groups Training/community legal education delivered to 74 women 16 group leaders trained in identifying and responding to FV 55 women participated in community legal education sessions 1 in 5 participants later sought support for themselves or someone they knew Pretraining ‘I know a lot about what family violence is and what my legal rights are’ ‘I know where to go for information and advice about family violence support’ o 8% 52% Posttraining 92% 100% 6 women from these groups joined the Women’s Advisory Group and have become key advocates for their groups and wider communities. “The women felt great, important, independent, to have a voice, are capable of meeting people in different positions, to have more confidence in using English and have socialised with other women from different communities. ” “Throughout the sessions, there were moments of laughter, joy and sadness as the bonds grew between the women and the ups and downs of life were shared.” “Providing childcare and transport services has been immensely beneficial for the group, assisting them to overcome the transport barriers and family responsibilities that often prevent women from ” participating in community events. “It helps us belong” (Feedback from Final Reports) Future: Round two of the grants will support more local women’s groups, with additional training opportunities and enhanced community legal education sessions. An adapted version of this element will be implemented with the local Iranian community as part of the Our Watch project, including both women and men’s groups, and enhancing training and engagement opportunities. 6