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We caught up with her just days after completing to find out how it had all gone. Toni said: "The process has been great! I got the house and then went straight on holiday so I have only stayed one night but I love it. It's a nice new build and really cosy. The boxes are nearly all unpacked and it's plenty big enough for Lana and I."

So did you know about shared ownership before?

"I knew a little bit about it from a friend and as I couldn't get a mortgage for the full amount of a house this was a great solution."

How was the process?

"Easy! I discovered the Bromford Homes website, registered and was put on a waiting list. I didn't know if I'd get the house as the waiting list was big but Dan at Bromford Homes was really helpful and I was put through quickly once it was agreed."

How affordable is it?

"I had been saving and was able to pay the minimum deposit of £4,700, much less than I would have had to pay for a non shared ownership home. The monthly payments are less than the £675 I was paying in private rent. My payments now - including service charge, insurance, rent and mortgage - are £630. Private rent on a comparable house in this area would be £800 to £850."

Why this house?

"I wanted to stay in Solihull, not Birmingham. There's a school opposite which I am hoping to get Lana into and I work full time as an office manager in Shirley so it's really convenient. I also have family nearby."

So what are your plans for the future?

"I hope to increase my share but if don't, I know I can sell. This has enabled me to get on the property ladder."

Would you recommend it to others?

"Yes. It's definitely been a good thing and was a smooth process."

Toni talks about what shared ownership means for her

Toni and her six-year-old daughter have just moved into their new two-bedroom home in the Acorns in Shirley.

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